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Phantom Drophead Series II

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Illustration Main group Description
01 Technical Literature
02 Scopes of service and repair work
03 Retrofitting / conversion / accessories
11 Engine
12 Engine electrical system
13 Fuel preparation system
16 Fuel Supply
17 Radiator
18 Exhaust system
22 Engine and gearbox suspension
24 Automatic transmission
26 Drive shaft
31 Front Axle
32 Steering
33 Rear Axle
34 Brakes
35 Pedals
36 Wheels
41 Bodywork
51 Vehicle trim
52 Seats
54 Sliding Roof / Folding Top
61 Vehicle electrical system
62 Instruments, Measuring systems
63 Lighting
64 Heater and Air Conditioning
65 Audio, Navigation, Electronic Systems
66 Distance Systems, Cruise Control
71 Equipment Parts
72 Restraint system and Accessories
83 Aux.materials&opertng fluids/ColorSystem
84 Communication systems
92 Bespoke

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